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Dr. Kumar is loved by his patients for his comprehensive and personalized treatments. At each and every visit, he ensures that all questions are answered and that his patients feel confident, cared for, and listened to. Dr. Kumar enjoys seeing his patients throughout their lifetimes, and he takes care to treat conditions that require lifelong maintenance, such as diabetes, with thorough care.

Common Questions about Diabetes

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body has problems with hormone production. In a healthy body, the pancreas releases insulin, which helps the body store and use sugar and fat from food. With diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, doesn’t produce enough insulin, or is insulin resistant.

What causes diabetes?

Type-1 diabetes occurs when the body no longer produces insulin. The cause of type-1 diabetes isn’t clear, but research suggests it is a result of genetic and environmental factors.

Type-2 diabetes occurs when a person’s body either doesn’t make enough insulin or isn’t able to use insulin well enough. Again, the cause of type-2 diabetes isn’t clear, but genetics as well as lifestyle are important factors. Patients who are obese or inactive are at a higher risk for type-2 diabetes, as well as those in certain racial or ethnic groups.

What kinds of services does Himalaya Family Medicine Clinic provide to treat diabetes mellitus?

The right combination of diet, exercise, and medication is often necessary for diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar controlled. At Himalaya Family Medicine Clinic, we believe education is a vital aspect of care, and Dr. Kumar is committed to providing his diabetic patients with ample tools to control their blood sugar throughout their daily lives. He will serve as your first line of treatment when you’re sick, as well as provide maintenance treatment throughout your lifetime, including lifestyle changes to ensure your condition doesn’t worsen over time.

How is Dr. Kumar specially qualified to treat diabetic patients?

Dr. Kumar specializes in internal medicine and has been treating patients with varying degrees of diabetes for years. In addition, Dr. Kumar’s years of micronutrient research allow him to better understand the effects of diet on diabetic patients’ conditions.

Will I need to see other specialists for my diabetes treatment?

It depends on the severity of your diabetes. Typically, patients with diabetes should see an ophthalmologist and podiatrist regularly for checkups, and other specialists only when necessary. As your primary care provider, Dr. Kumar will lead your team of specialists to ensure you’re receiving the proper care for your particular case.

If you have diabetes, make an appointment at our office. Dr. Kumar will develop an individual plan of care to fit your particular needs as a diabetic patient and strive to keep you as happy and healthy as possible.

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