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Primary Care / Family Medicine
Dr. Bipin Kumar, MD - Aurora

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Dr. Kumar has been providing comprehensive family medical care for his patients for more than ten years. He emphasizes education in his primary care treatment and maintains an open line of communication with all patients—no question is left unanswered. Dr. Kumar wants his patients to leave the office feeling comfortable with and confident in their care.

Common Questions about Primary Care & Family Medicine

What is family medicine?

Family medicine refers to a medical specialty which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Dr. Kumar specializes in family medicine in order to provide the best care possible to his primary care patients.

Which primary care services do you provide?

In addition to general consultations, Dr. Kumar provides pediatric checkups, annual physical examinations, sleep studies, pulmonary function testing, cardiovascular screening, diabetes management, hypertension treatment, and hyperlipidemia treatment.

Does the practice provide family care?

Yes! Dr. Kumar is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He loves treating entire families at his practice.

Does the practice treat chronic pain?

For those suffering from chronic pain, Dr. Kumar himself provides steroid injections in the shoulder and knees, so his patients don’t need to be referred out to a separate specialist. If you suffer from a chronic condition or disease, call our office. Dr. Kumar will develop an individual care plan for your unique needs.

Does the office provide wart removal?

Yes! For patients with suspicious moles or warts they don’t want, Dr. Kumar specializes in cryotherapy in their removal. For warts, he will use a special tool that uses extremely cold temperatures to effectively “freeze off” the unwanted wart. If you have warts or moles that require removal, we can help! Make an appointment at our office.

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